In an attempt to create something beautiful out of something horrible, decorative materials and aesthetically pleasing imagery are used in this series. These pieces relate to the effect that operations and changes in physicality may have on body image. The depiction of internal organs and open wounds are common themes and are representations of very real experiences. Through making these pieces, Arnett aims to create an openness through sharing experiences that are sometimes difficult to communicate to others.


Hospitals are often portrayed as unpleasant places and sometimes create fear in individuals. This series of work explores the hospital environment as somewhere clinical, but safe. Arnett continues to develop work based on the concept of feeling safe in relation to hospitals.

The Uncanny

These works explore unexplained feelings evoked by some situations and experiences.  In an attempt to re-create a feeling of uneasiness, Arnett has created pieces that are slightly off kilter.  The uncanny theme continues to inform Arnett’s work around exploring near death and out-of-body experiences in ‘Telling Others’.

The Perfect Child

Exploring the ‘ideal’ and the impossibility of perfection, these works are reminiscent of Arnett’s own experiences growing up.  in making these pieces the realisation that perfection is unattainable is even more apparent as can be seen in the awkward construction of ‘Classroom’ and ‘Staircase’.  This series of work has been included in the portfolio, as it was from the making of these pieces that Arnett’s interest in the uncanny began.

Copyright © Arnett Powell


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