Arnett Powell’s art is inspired by her own experiences, which are often topics that are uncomfortable to express openly. With works ranging from drawing, painting and installation, to needlework and sculpture Arnett sees her art as a way of communicating her feelings to the outside world.

Themes around childhood and the uncanny are prevalent in Arnett’s early work and still inform her concepts based on starting a dialogue about topics that some are reluctant to share. Hospitals and operations are dominating themes in Arnett’s more recent work and range from clinical to very personal representations of her own experiences.

Arnett Powell was born in Leicester in 1976, and studied at Camberwell College of Arts and Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. In 2000, she was involved in the Street Scene Project during the Portobello Arts Festival and assisted lead artist Sophia Clist with a paper project at the Royal Festival Hall Blazing Festival in London. Arnett’s Road Sign was shown in the Blue Cube group show at Brockwell Lido, London in 2000 and she exhibited a selection of work at the Limelight space in Lewisham Library in 2001.
Arnett participated in the Art Ambassador Scheme during the Art Sheffield Festival in 2008 and her Flickbook and Open Wound (book) can be seen at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield as part of their artist’s book collection. Arnett currently lives and works in Sheffield and is based at Bloc Studios.

Copyright © Arnett Powell


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